Cloud Services

Cloud services

CST Designs’ Long Island cloud service and NYC cloud managing solutions permit you to effortlessly do a lot more with much less, delivering you a sturdier, more reliable IT model.

Our Western Suffolk County and NYC web servers are actively controlled and maintained off-site, every day, all year at the hands of specially-qualified, highly-experienced equipment and network engineers.

CST Designs cloud services are really must-have solutions for Long Island and Eastern Nassau County business that own outdated equipment or posses devices that need replacement.

Think About:

  • Paying nothing up-front in new-equipment expenses.
  • Ceasing to pay expensive cooling/electricity bills.
  • Freeing up important work-space where hardware IT Infrastructure devices once sat.
  • Never hiring/retaining IT employees to take care of IT equipment on-site.

Software Hosting: Incorporate virtually any third-party application within your web-hosted framework.

 Data Sharing and Document Administration: Acquire virtual work areas for end users to supervise, exchange and put away their email messages; team documents; information; schedules; activities; conversations; checklists and events. Offer your workforce easy access to shared information (from each and every workstation and whenever necessary) to enhance their work performance.

Hosted Email

Improve business efficiency with CST Designs’ NYC cloud-based electronic mail solutions.

Communicate and Exchange Ideas on the Web
Give your Long Island workforce easy access to their e-mail, appointments, to-do-lists and contacts from pretty much anywhere and at any moment via personal computers, notebooks, and smartphone devices.

Web-based Business Communications
Make it possible for individuals to locate and remain in touch with each other instantly anywhere in Western Suffolk and Eastern Nassau Counties and beyond. CST Designs’ Hosted Email delivers efficient connectivity and visibility and on-the-spot messaging functions.

Cloud Storage

Safely put away and maintain your company files inside a NYC cloud.

A lot of Long Island firms, right now, are compelled to maintain increasing volumes of information for extended time periods. A good deal of these establishments are discovering it more challenging than ever before to retain large amounts of data, save it and store the information in-house. CST Designs features safe and secure cloud-based storage solutions that boost efficiency; reduce expenses right away; and work with virtually any form of digital information.

Our cloud storage brings an exceptionally-protected, electronic approach for safeguarding your important company data. Whether it is a small document or large complicated data files, CST Designs’ Cloud Storage provides an affordable, problem-free solution; all of files are kept in highly-accessible areas in Western Suffolk County web clouds, enabling you and your staff members to consistently have access.

Cloud Backup

CST Designs cloud file backup is a web-based application for storing device information through compiling, compressing, securing, and safely transmitting important files out of the primary location.

Business Defense Whenever Tragedy Happens

Data Retrieval using conventional back-up approaches can easily take weeks, a significant amount of time for a long Island organization to be out of service, which usually can lead to serious monetary losses.

CST Designs employs high-end workstation tools to backup devices within NYC cloud settings, which can restore hosted, Western Suffolk Eastern Nassau County workplaces in just as little as a couple of business days in the event of an emergency.

We also offer end-users isolated Long Island VPN connections, guaranteeing business that their staff members can return to workplace immediately through using any type of Internet-connected personal computer on the planet, if disaster strikes.

Conveniences of Cloud Backups vs. Regular Methods

  • Recovery of information within days.
  • Absolutely no client intervention: never replace tapes; forget about tagging media or moving data records off-site (conventional data backup calls for people to manually haul file backup media to remote locations).
  • Data files are digitally transmitted to cloud storage servers: backed-up records are kept in separate areas from the original locale, which is vital in case catastrophe hits.
  • Back-up systems are constantly supervised and active notification is sent should any backup transmission malfunction.


An increasing amount of Western Suffolk County and NYC business are without a doubt acquiring software-as-a-service (SaaS) because it is the quickest and most innovative type of cloud deployment. CST Designs’ SaaS is actually a computer software delivery solution where Long Island suppliers and organizations web-host or offer their applications through media connections, usually the Internet.

Within the software-on-demand application, suppliers provide consumers network-based entries to only one copy of their software, developed exclusively for SaaS delivery.

Advantages of CST Designs’ SaaS applications include:

-  Simpler handling

-  Electronic upgrade and spot supervision

-  Interface: Across the board end users possess the exact same version of software application

-  More convenient teamwork

-  Worldwide availability


When it comes to today’s aggressive IT shops, the CIO or Virtual CIO must minimize expenditures and react immediately to the IT market’s rapid-adjusting gadgets. This is the essential component of CST Designs’ IAS (Infrastructure As a Service).


 Western Suffolk and Eastern Nassau County institutions use CST Designs’ hardware devices to maintain their working environments through NYC cloud services; our Iaas encompasses storage equipment, web servers and networking systems all in one place. We own the hardware, and we are accountable for sheltering, managing and maintaining it. The client only incurs charges when choosing to use a hardware device through pay-on-demand basis.

When using a CST Designs’ IAS solution Long Island folks can safely switch on and off chosen computer devices, as needed, spending exactly on what they work with, and upgrading resources only whenever needed.

Infrastructure as a Service is also known as  Hardware as a Service (HaaS).

Computer Services

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