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CST Designs can offer your business decades of IT experience and success.

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Business Benefit

CST Designs offers tailor made solutions for your business. We offer the flexibility that can save you money on IT projects and will not tie your business down to specific vendors or manufacturers. We offer products and services that will benefit your business most, not ones that will make us the most money.

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When your business IT requirements need to be satisfied, you can rest assured that CST will deliver. From proven project management for large scale and multi-site deployments, to 24/7 technical support – CST Designs will ensure your IT expectations are being met and exceeded.

Virtual CIO Explained for Long Island and NYC
Small and Medium Businesses

The concept of a Virtual CIO is a fast-growing solution that more and more Long Island, Western Suffolk County and Eastern Nassau businesses are using today. The Virtual CIO solution offers many excellent benefits to small and medium sized companies.

Larger NYC enterprises generally employ Chief Information Officers (CIOs) who are in command of every IT component in a business. When it comes to mid-sized and small, though, it may not be practical or affordable to retain a committed person to fulfill this role in the organization.

CST Designs recognizes that many Long Island businesses can function well without hiring permanent, on-site CIO. We can deliver extremely valuable virtual CIO solutions for businesses that are in this segment, at a fraction of the cost.

CST Design Virtual CIO releases business owners, CEOs and CFOs from dividing their precious time between managing their organization and taking care of Information Technology concerns; thus conserving valuable man-hours and reducing expenditures.

CST Designs’ Virtual CIO gives decision-makes the time and flexibility to focus non-IT related business items. CST Designs maintains contact with all outside vendors and service providers in order to keep the minutiae of IT related issues under control.

So why not delegate the supervision and guidance of your IT infrastructure to CST Designs’ highly-skilled IT executive personnel? Our Virtual CIO will report directly to your management team and connect with staff members daily or whenever required.

Allow CST Designs to deal with your IT situations and to obtain easy access to top notch IT engineers for much less than the cost to employ a permanent staff member.

Does my Long Island Business need Virtual CIO Services?

Probably! Our Virtual CIO solution is an indispensable tool to include in your leadership team. CST Designs’ seasoned decision-making personnel possess many years of real-time, practical CIO knowledge and can easily manage important IT tasks. CST Designs has the capability to conduct IT team office meetings throughout the metro area; to create spending budgets and to address compliance and confidentiality concerns.

Our team members can help satisfy several or all of your technology concerns.

  • IT Personnel Administration
  • IT Auditing and Protection
  • IT Policy Planning

Can CST Designs' Virtual CIO Help Manage My IT Staff?

Absolutely! Think about never needing to stress yourself out if your key, high-tech man is going to be out of reach while off duty. Imagine never needing to worry about upgrading systems or verifying that your equipment and software are up to date.

Our company will oversee and deliver support to your existing personnel, and whenever required, ourteam can easily generate innovative tools, which can match the skill-set of your current IT employees.

People use CST Designs’ Virtual CIO to:

  • Deal with prolonged IT personnel sick-leaves
  • Supervise the execution of a cutting-edge IT projects
  • Increase the knowledge of in-house IT personnel through training

IT Recruiting

As your businesses expands, so does the demand for innovation. Many organizations come across the urgency to tap the services of a professional in the high-tech job market. Our Virtual CIO delivers solutions that will assist you in assessing and securing some of the most experienced IT individuals looking for new employment.

Does Virtual CIO Take Care of IT Auditing and Security?

Without a Doubt! Many Long Island businesses employ the services of credible experts to support their establishment’s operations, including personal financial planners and Certified Public Accountants. In a similar fashion, there will certainly be moments when your company will require some advice on IT auditing and security.

Right now, NYC institutions depend on information systems to speed up operations, to lock away classified information, and to gather a substantial volume of confidential client information. Although IT systems deliver positive advantages, these types of solutions also carry exposure and plenty of concerns.

  • Has our information been compromised?
  • Is somebody hacking our confidential information?
  • Are we in compliance with state and federal government requirements?
  • Are we able to remain in business following a natural disaster?

CST Designs addresses these concerns through examining, managing, and controlling IT risk. Our CIO auditors discover a company’s IT threats and convey risk findings to proprietors throughout NYC and Eastern Nassau County. The Virtual CIO can also implement remedies, through Cloud Based Services, which encourages transparency and brings about regulation compliance.

Can CST Designs’ Virtual CIO Offer IT Policy Planning?

Yes it does! Our policy managers deliver an all-encompassing path for your IT policy concerns by recognizing and focusing on protocol requirements and endorsing new and modified criteria and standards. CST Designs also takes care of an organization’s IT yearly equipment inspection and investigates current policies, specifications, and requirements for efficient usefulness and performance.

Our state-of-the-art virtual policy solutions organizes the development and evaluation of procedures and operations for your existing IT Staff as well; Virtual CIO can also operate cohesively with any Human Resource department.

Five Good Reasons Why NYC Businesses Prefer CST Designs’ Virtual CIO

  1. By using CST Designs’ Virtual CIO, businesses can acquire a trained IT expert at much less cost than
    employing a full-time professional.
  1. Using the Virtual CIO part-time is many times preferred when a NYC establishment is embarking on an
    innovative project that calls for higher know-how than the company’s in-house IT team possess.
  1. CST Designs can easily function as an adviser to train, to assess, and to perhaps manage Eastern
    Nassau County and NYC IT teams through its Virtual CIO.
  1. Our Virtual CIOs can be important in haggling innovative system purchases, examining diverse products and preparing for new acquisitions.
  1. CST Designs’ Virtual CIO can make sure that Long Island businesses have their IT solutions in order.

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