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Affordable, Scalable, Low Maintenance, Low Upfront Cost VoIP Telephony

Start Saving Big!

Cloud hosted VoIP will reduce your telephony costs!

Voice over IP communications systems: Installation from start to finish, repair, maintenance, support, and training.

Cst Designs

Save Money

Get voicemail, local and long distance service. Save up to 50% each month when you get everything from one provider. We leverage The Cloud to reduce your monthly costs.

Cst Designs

Great phones and reliable service

We offer premier brands like Polycom and Cisco. These phones are made to last and offer the most robust feature sets in the industry.

Cst Designs

Make yourself available anywhere

Features like Find Me and softphone for PC, Mac, and mobile devices, our VoIP services will allow you to be reachable virtually anywhere you have an internet connection.

Cst Designs

Route calls easily

We offer custom auto attendant routing, professional hold music, auto attendant voice overs, and much more to enable your callers to have a professional experience when dialing your business

VoIP Means Free Long Distance and Local Calls for Your Business

Prepare to replace the manner in which you are used to making long-distance phone calls in NYC. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) for Long Island and Western Suffolk County has arrived. This communication technology is a cutting-edge technique that snatches analog sound signals, like the kind you hear when you normally talk over the phone, and converts them into electronic information that can be transmitted over the Internet.

Why is VoIP a smart choice? CST Designs’ VoIP system can easily convert regular Internet connections into solutions to produce cost-free telephone calls. VoIP bypasses your NYC communications provider (and their fees) altogether by utilizing many of the complimentary VoIP networks in Western Suffolk County and Eastern Nassau County to generate free Internet phone calls.

Notable NYC service providers such as Bell Atlantic and AT&T are already establishing VoIP calling programs throughout multiple markets around Eastern Nassau County and Queens.


A company-hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) solution can lower your regular monthly telephone costs significantly in comparison to conventional business phone applications. CST Designs’ PBX equipment offers enterprise-class functions at exceptionally affordable costs. We maintain and update your hosted PBX appliances, so that you can easily concentrate on your business.

Virtual Numbers

Acquire a Virtual phone number that services Long Island, Western Suffolk and Eastern Nassau Counties with immediate account activation.

Instant Deployment

Simply because there is no physical PBX equipment to set up on site, you can easily begin using CST
Designs’ cloud-based PBX hosted phone solutions within minutes.

Virtual Gatherings

Carry out a NYC voice conference with our easy-to-use, IP-PBX teleconference feature.

Online Control

Customers with VoIP PBX extensions in Western Suffolk and Eastern Nassau Counties will be able to control their phone settings easily, including features like call forwarding and telephone message storage through user-friendly, online control panels.

Our team focuses on delivering superior NYC VoIP solutions tailored to save you money, regardless the size of your operation. Just about any Long Island organization with staff members who work from home can easily take advantage of cost-free, site-to-site phone calls by utilizing any of CST Designs’ online VoIP telephone applications.

Multi-site Systems Help Long Island Business Connect to NYC

In case your Long Island firm operates at more than one location, think about using our VoIP Multi-site system. IP innovation through NYC business networks can easily save thousands of dollars every year in just the most basic multi-site organization. Beyond exceptional financial savings are the additional advantages that a well executed, multi-site PBX system offers.

CST Designs employs specialists and Virtual CIOs to set up multi-site, IP telephone systems in Long Island, connecting workplaces, cellular phones and home employees collectively in just one NYC PBX cloud.

Since company telephones are always linked to each other, it makes handling cost-free, voice communication over the network really easy. We manage call traffic internally, and because CST Designs does this, placing in-house phone calls are not simply just complimentary, but also much simpler to control and maintain.

Our team can deliver customer choices when installing VoIP to remote locations throughout Western Suffolk County and surrounding areas. CST Designs ensures that each extension is treated as a branch from the workplace. This implies that employees and owners can easily receive and make phone calls as if they are inside headquarters, since every extension is actually just a virtually controlled device in the cloud server.

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