IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastucture

NYC businesses differ considerably in their commercial infrastructure requirements. CST Designs builds and manages physical devices that Western Suffolk County organizations use to link computer systems to employees. Our Long Island IT Infrastructure professionals can easily assist companies in relocating existing IT networks to different workplaces and can help them in programming and maintaining new system deployments.

At CST Designs, we link Eastern Nassau County and other NYC networks through safety-approved cabling; deliver systems that utilize hubs, repeaters, and other network routing equipment; build and maintain cloud-based hosting servers; plan desktop services that use software programs your staff members will work with every day; and connect business offices and IT assets through Wide Area Networks and Virtual Private Networks.

CST Designs’ IT framework services also provide solutions that relieve the usual anxieties that go along with new projects and expansions.

Cabling Projects

Here at CST Designs, we construct Long Island cabling systems that are versatile and big enough to link already existing NYC infrastructures. Our team collaborates with your staff when creating new network designs so that your workforce benefits after installation. CST Designs’ infrastructure solutions are fully scalable and customizable in order to evolve with your business.

Our wide array of cabling services includes:

  • Custom-made cabling architecture, engineering and styles
  • Data hub design
  • Cat-6 cabling compliance
  • Fiber optic, copper and coaxial-cable core development.
  • Comprehensive bidding

Server Design

Maintaining web servers can be a challenging job for any company. For that reason, hiring a CST Designs IT infrastructure expert can significantly lower both your stress and your server management costs. CST Designs is the premier Long Island solution for installing, configuring, servicing, repairing, and maintaining on-site hardware and virtual web servers.

CST Designs possesses a lengthy and effective performance history when it comes to deploying new servers, as well as configuring and maintaining them. Our Eastern Nassau County team has done it all, setting-up single devices for small Long Island companies and designing personalized data hubs for large NYC institutions and enterprises. We offer business affordable, tailor-made servers, installed at their convenience.

If you already employ servers to manage your website, documents, security and safety programs, email, or any other type of data, you probably recognize the value of error-free, server accessibility. Servers that fail can be complex to repair, costing your business time and money. CST Designs is the specialist you should have by your side to oversee and to repair your servers, efficiently and comprehensively.

Network Design

Proper network installation is crucial when building IT frameworks on Long Island. Hand over your network development requirements to CST Designs’ qualified and skilled network engineers and Virtual CIOs. Our experienced team works with the most advanced technologies and deploys cutting-edge network-system strategies.

Our network installation specialists make certain your wires and hardware are up-to-date and meet enterprise standards. CST Designs also ensures that your entire network installation is thoroughly tested and fail-safe.

Secure Network Promise

The security and safety of your network is our number-one concern.

Data Cabling Untangling

Never attempt to tackle a bunch of network wires by yourself. CST Designs technicians are exceptionally trained in handing local area network cabling and structured wiring.

Wi-Fi Network Solutions

Our network specialists can broaden the spectrum of your existing Long Island system by setting up safe and secure wireless networks in your workplace. CST Designs can additionally setup wireless network hotspots for employees and customer and protect every Wi-Fi hotspot from internet hackers.

Desktop Services

CST Designs assists businesses in determining the appropriate hardware and software configurations that will meet the needs of the organization and the individual user. Whether it is a basic workstation for checking email and web browsing or it is a more powerful computer that will be used for graphic programs and CPU intensive software, CST Designs can provide your company and users with the computer that will enable them to work efficiently and effectively.

CST Designs can evaluate your company’s current workstations and recommend appropriate upgrades if needed. CST Designs can also assist in determining the optimal peripheral hardware that may be needed, such as printers, scanners, plotters, monitors, etc. All of these devices can be installed, maintained, and managed by CST Designs’ hardware specialists.

WAN Design

We Design Wide Area Network Connections for Reliability Through Redundancy.

Whether your company operates from a single office and has low bandwidth requirements, or your company utilizes multiple offices throughout the world, CST Designs can develop a WAN scheme that will increase performance and reliability.

Our DMVPN system specialists in NYC and Long Island are able to work with existing VPN gates or Juniper networks to DMVPN network with minimal interruption. During scenarios where NYC DMVPN alternatives are not practical, our professionals can easily take advantage of IPSEC tunnel connections at remote Western Suffolk County sites in a manner that it delivers the same redundancy that DMVPN offers by taking advantage of IP SLA systems and other structures to guarantee active redundancy throughout already accessible VPNs.

Computer Services

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